Democracy / Despotism Scale

Where does your community fall on the democracy/despotism scale shown on the video I embedded on our home page.


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The Blame Game

I think people like to play the Blame Game.

If you read a lot of forum post, you will notice that some people like to talk about a problem, but do nothing constructive toward fixing it. And the reason they most often give is:

“The Government has control and the Government is causing the problem”.

Forgetting, that in America, we are the government, the politicians work for us, and change can be made through the efforts of people who are willing to do the work necessary to make it happen.

If you can get enough people to support your issue, you can make a change in a democracy. It happens every year all over the country by people that you might not agree with, but who were willing to do the work necessary to resolve their issue.

So remember, it’s not the governments mind you need to change, it is your neighbors.

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