Mr. Smith goes to Washington

In January 2007, Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner stated that the 2008 U.S. presidential race will be “the most expensive election in American history.”

Is this the way we really want to elect our leaders? Do we really need another politician who only knows how to spend money?

The answer of course is No!

You can go online at home or any local library and get all the information you need from the candidates web sites.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the amount of information they put there.

Which leads me to Mr. Smith of Oregon, a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the United States presidential election of 2008.

His campaign site lays out his views clearly, nothing fancy, just the Faqs and Platform issues:

Affirmative Action
Climate Change
Corporate Political Influence
Corporate Taxes
Creationism (aka Intelligent Design)
Death Penalty
Death with Dignity
Deficit Spending
Drinking Age
Flag Burning
Gay Marriage
Gays in the Military
Globalization / Outsourcing
Gun Rights
Income Taxes
Inheritance Taxes
Iraq War
Israel / Palestine
Labor Unions
Patriot Act
School Prayer
School Vouchers
Separation of Church & State
States’ Rights
Term Limits
The Religious Right

Take a look at his site and judge for yourself. Then go look at the other candidates and see how many issues they are willing to take a stand on.


The Rift

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