Democracy / Despotism Scale

Where does your community fall on the democracy/despotism scale shown on the video I embedded on our home page.


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Mr. Smith goes to Washington

In January 2007, Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner stated that the 2008 U.S. presidential race will be “the most expensive election in American history.”

Is this the way we really want to elect our leaders? Do we really need another politician who only knows how to spend money?

The answer of course is No!

You can go online at home or any local library and get all the information you need from the candidates web sites.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the amount of information they put there.

Which leads me to Mr. Smith of Oregon, a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the United States presidential election of 2008.

His campaign site lays out his views clearly, nothing fancy, just the Faqs and Platform issues:

Affirmative Action
Climate Change
Corporate Political Influence
Corporate Taxes
Creationism (aka Intelligent Design)
Death Penalty
Death with Dignity
Deficit Spending
Drinking Age
Flag Burning
Gay Marriage
Gays in the Military
Globalization / Outsourcing
Gun Rights
Income Taxes
Inheritance Taxes
Iraq War
Israel / Palestine
Labor Unions
Patriot Act
School Prayer
School Vouchers
Separation of Church & State
States’ Rights
Term Limits
The Religious Right

Take a look at his site and judge for yourself. Then go look at the other candidates and see how many issues they are willing to take a stand on.


The Rift

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Biden His Tongue

Joe Biden may be following Kerry right off the candidate trail. I predict his Obama remarks will put an end to his bid for the presidency.




Biden My Time

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Made In The USA

While shopping at Wal-Mart I found it difficult to find anything that was not made in China. It became apparent to me at that very moment that I was the only thing made in the USA.


United States of America

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Why Are We So Angry?

I just finished watching and embedding a YouTube video by “uselessvideo.”

In it, he comments on the anger that is spewed out by a lot people who are intelligent but refuse to offer any productive and compromising solutions.

His words should be taken to heart. We need to stop hating one another and work together to find solutions that we can all live with.


Peace Love Life Balance

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Surprise! Hillary For President

Surprise! Hillary is running for president. Wow, I bet know body saw that coming. I personally do not think she can win.

In my opinion, Al Gore could win if he teamed up with Obama as his VP.

Gore has a lot of support from the Green community and others who supported him in his first bid and Obama has a large base as well. Obama’s experience is a problem for him that could be eliminated by taking the VP position.


Hillary Clinton for President!

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Sunni Day

I found this t-shirt design today and laughed, then I cringed.

What was so funny about the civil war in Iraq? Nothing, but I still liked the shirt. Why? I don’t really know.


Holy Shi'ite!

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American Idiot

It’s time for another season of America Idol and that has inspired Cafepress artist Matt Mckendrick to create a new design call American Idiot. I got a good laugh out of this one and I think you will too.


American Idiot

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Information Age

I watched a video called “ACLU Pizza” that records the efforts of a man trying to order a pizza in today’s “information age”. It may be a little extreme, but it makes its point. The government and businesses these days do seemed to need and have more information than I would like.

I guess the the question is, what are we willing to do about it? Is it a problem that needs to be addressed?

Has anybody ever had an investigator to a search on themselves? If so, were you surprised at the amount of information they had?


Orwell Was Right

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Who’s Next

AP writer Anne Flaherty reports “U.S. officials had no immediate plan to strike targets in Iran, but they also wouldn’t rule out military action.”

I personally think we will strike Iran in an attempt to stop their nuclear program and that it is the reason went to Iraq in the first place.


Iraq-to-Iran Odometer

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